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Biodigester Construction Services in Kenya

If you’re tired of pumping out your septic tank regularly, a biodigester should be installed in your home, school, hotel, or commercial establishments such as shops and malls, to mention a few. Arctic Space and Builders provides the best biodigester construction services in Kenya.

There’s no need to pump trash out regularly with a biodigester because it’s broken down into biogas (methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide) and liquid rich in nutrients and organics. However, the construction of a biodigester in Kenya is the safest and odorless approach to dispose of toilet waste.

You can use the liquid to enhance your soil and help you develop healthy plants. Phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen are among the nutrients found in them. Methane can be used to cook with. It produces a clear, smokeless blue flame. Toilets with bio-digesters are an efficient way to manage human waste.

Biodigester Construction in Kenya

Due to the scarcity of space in Kenyan Towns, many people prefer the Biodigester option.

These are the benefits of a biodigester versus a septic tank at a glance.

  • It only takes up a small amount of space.
  • There will be no fills.
  • There is no odor.
  • Budget-friendly
  • It’s good for the environment.

For the rest of your life, say no to Exhauster.

Call/Text/WhatsApp Raymond on 0721694346 for more information about biodigester installation in Kenya. Many biodigester systems have been built or installed throughout Kenya. We are prepared to transport you to these locations.

In Kenya, biodigester toilets are becoming the most convenient option. You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for biodigester building and installation services in Kenya. We provide skilled and economic biodigester toilet installation services in Kenya at Arctic Space and Builders. Our Bio services assist in the management of household trash. This is frequently the most recent technology for treating and managing bodily waste. As a result, you save both money and space.


This is where bodily waste (urine and feces) is processed. End products include pathogen-free water, CO2, and Methane Biogas. Bacteria give the treatment without the use of oxygen (anaerobic digestion) during a specific tank. Instead, an immobilization matrix is used in the tank to keep increased microbial mass for survival in harsh environments. The water is frequently re-flushed and utilized for gardening, with additional treatment in the form of a reed bed.

Bio-Digester Toilet Installation Services in Kenya

Due to our effective and cheap services, Arctic Space and Builders is Kenya’s best bio-digester firm.

Here’s what we’re going to do for you

  1. We’ll replace your septic tanks with bio tanks.
  2. Make your unused Bio Toilets functional by resurrecting them.
  3. Decentralized wastewater treatment for water from the kitchen, toilets, and bathrooms

4. Within 48 hours, we installed the biodigester and had it ready to use.

Biodigester construction in Kenya

You could be perplexed. What’s the point of a bio-digester? A person living in residence without a sanitation facility is the solution. Also, for persons who live in private homes, resorts, and cottages. Who aspires to live in a clean and sanitary environment? For the sake of themselves and, as a result, future generations.

Advantages of Using Next-Generation Bio-Digester

  1. Because all organic wastes are disposed of in the system, it does not need to be emptied or exhausted.

Fully decompose into gases and water.

  1. The system is very space-efficient and requires little maintenance. Because it makes use of

There are no moving parts in hydraulics. Hence electricity or power is used.

  1. There are no odors. Because bio-degradation takes place underwater, all gases emitted are harmless.

I’m stuck in the water.

  1. 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Bio-digester chemical is used in Kenya.

Bio-digester Chemical is a mixture of bacteria and enzymes that can digest food. It activates when placed in the bio-digester tank. And start storing enzymes that digest organic waste quickly and degrade it into water and air. “Where can I obtain bio-digester chemical in Kenya?” you might inquire. You don’t have to be concerned since you may reach us at 0721694346, and we will assist you.

Cost of constructing and installing a biodigester in Kenya

In comparison to a septic tank, bio-digesters are dirt cheap. They are common because the cost of maintaining a Bio-digester is zero. Installing a 1.2 cubic meter, for example, corresponds to a home with a ratio of 1:30 individuals. This is the only investment you’ll ever make. As a result, you will not require exhaust services, unlike a septic tank.

Bio-digester Design

There are three different types of digesters.

The fixed dome digester comprises a floating drum, plug flow, and a fixed dome digester.

Biodigester construction, installation, and supply service provider near me

“Can I find a professional biodigester toilet installation and building service near me?” you might think. Yes, because we supply bio-digester supplies all over Kenya.

A septic tank compared to a biodigester system

Because the government and building professionals are pressing individuals to go green in waste management, bio-digesters have replaced septic tanks in Nairobi, Kenya. This is a fantastic initiative, especially for those who live in areas without adequate sewerage.

Furthermore, traditional septic tanks quickly fill up, especially during the rainy season; they take up a lot of room, cost more to install, and require an exhauster for the rest of your life, unlike a biodigester system.

On the other hand, Biodigesters have lower construction costs and are cheaper in the long term. You will save over 10,000 dollars, money that would otherwise be spent on monthly exhaust services, especially if you have a large family.

Biodigester Prices in Nakuru Kenya

Compared to a traditional septic tank, biodigester installation in Nairobi, Kenya, is cost-effective. The pricing of biodigesters in Nairobi, Kenya, is listed below. Please keep in mind that rates will vary depending on the number of people and the size of the group.

Mostly these waste management systems are linked to private or public restrooms. They’re usually composed of bricks and can be found behind a house or buried beneath.

They range from 1 m3 for a home to 100 m3 for public buildings. In Kenya, the cost of installing a septic tank is as follows.

Biodigester construction in Kenya- Cost of biodigester toilet in Kenya

  • 80,000 Kenyan shillings for 50 users
  • 150,000 Kenyan shillings for 100 users
  • 250,000 Kenyan shillings for 200 users
  • For 300 users, 350,000 ksh are available.

Compared to certain companies that charge $100,000 to install one for 50 customers, active biodigester is more inexpensive. If you’re looking for a Biodigester in Kenya, give us a call at 0714195554, and we’ll install one for you at the above price.

What is a Biodigester Septic Tank, and How Does It Work?

Organic matter such as manure, green waste, human excreta, sewage, and municipal waste is converted to use chemicals such as water and gas in bio-digester septic tanks.

In Kenya, this waste management system is primarily fed by liquid and solid waste from kitchens and toilets.

Bacteria are utilized to initiate anaerobic digestion. In a biodigester, bacteria enzymes degrade the waste’s carbohydrates, cellulose, lipids, and proteins into valuable compounds.

The biodigester provides a favorable environment for microorganisms to decompose the organic materials. When building one, we must incorporate an airtight, oxygen-free compartment so that the anaerobic process may function adequately.

It’s critical to have a good biodigester septic tank design.

These bacteria thrive in environments when oxygen is scarce. Therefore, a proper biodigester septic tank design is essential to maximize its efficiency in breaking down waste matter.

Good biodigester septic tank designs provide clearer effluent because the waste has been entirely broken down. Because we are experts at what we do, the waste management systems will serve you for years. We are, in fact, Nema-approved.

Installing a biodigester in your house, school, or business in Kenya is the best decision you’ll ever make because it comes with a slew of advantages. Septic tanks have been replaced.

You will live in a cleaner and healthier environment, and you will no longer have to worry about running out of refills or calling for exhauster services. Biodigesters, as previously said, come in various sizes depending on the number of users on the site.

They also exist in various shapes, which are governed by production requirements, space, infrastructure, and the type of waste.

Cabros and tiles Installation Service in Kenya

Are you looking for Cabros and Tiles installation service in Kenya? Arctic Space and Builders will help you select the right cabros and install them for you. We work closely with individuals and institutions to install cabros on the compound, parking, and corridors. With our cabros installation service, our customers are guaranteed quality services.

What are Cabros?

Concrete paving blocks, also known as Cabro in Kenya, are used on walkways, driveways, parking lots, landscaped compounds, and tented shelters. The thickness of the block determines its strength, with the most common thicknesses ranging from 50mm to 60mm and 80mm.

80mm thick cabro blocks are used for heavy-duty roads. On the other hand, 50mm wide roads are suitable for light-duty applications such as driveways to private residences, tented shelters, and car parks.

You must remove the soil beneath until the stable ground is reached, especially black cotton soil. Murram is then backfilled and compacted with a roller compactor. The final 300mm depth is filled with roller-compacted hand-packed hardcore. The fine aggregate is then laid on top, followed by the paving blocks arranged and held together on the edges by the Edge Kerbs.

Cabro paving blocks are supplied and installed by us. Contact us today for a quote or consultation at +254 721 694 346.

Best Cabros and Tiles Installation Service in Kenya

Arctic Space and Builders is a market leader in the supply of Cabro Paving Blocks in Kenya. We will deliver Cabro Paving Bricks anywhere in Kenya, regardless of your location. As Kenya’s leading block paver supplier, we offer high-quality Cabro Paving Blocks that combine elegant aesthetics with quick, simple installation processes to provide a long-lasting, safe, and user-friendly solution.

High-Quality Block Paving Bricks in Kenya

Aesthetically pleasing and design-oriented

Color, texture, and size variations provide a virtually limitless number of design possibilities. Concrete block paving also allows for integrated navigation, hazard warning, and zoning information. It can mark parking spaces and pathways, vehicle access routes, and loading zones with variations in color, texture, and size. The range also includes integrated and complementary edging and kerbing options to achieve a consistent, high-quality finish.

Environmentally Conscious

The Arctic Bricks Landscaping range of concrete block paving provides a diverse range of clean, hardwearing, and aesthetically pleasing products in various plan sizes and thicknesses to meet a wide range of trafficking requirements. Arctic Bricks also manufactures permeable paving products that are specifically designed for use in SuDS.

Arctic Bricks products are tough and long-lasting, requiring only minor upkeep. Concrete block pavements are also environmentally friendly, with typical BRE Green Guide ratings of A or A+. This makes it an appealing product from both a sustainability and an aesthetic standpoint. This, combined with our signing of the British Precast Concrete Federation’s ‘Sustainability Charter,’ means that you can specify arctic Bricks Landscaping products with confidence that they will achieve sustainability and style.

Long-lasting, safe, and durability

Concrete block paving is highly adaptable, making it ideal for high-traffic pedestrian and vehicle areas. The Arctic Bricks commercial range includes paving thicknesses ranging from 60mm, which is suitable for light vehicle and pedestrian traffic, to 80mm, which can withstand heavy vehicle traffic in applications such as ports, airports, container yards, and other commercial locations.

When tested to BS EN 1338:2003, our commercial paving products have excellent slip resistance and abrasion properties. When tested to Annex I, the unpolished slip/skid resistance value is low. When tested according to Annex G, the abrasion resistance value is Class 4. Arctic Bricks installations can be quickly reinstated after work or the installation of underground services, providing additional long-term value and lasting aesthetic appeal.

Installation and upkeep are simple.

Concrete block paving’s small modular units are simple to install, allowing quickly completed projects with minimal disruption. Our variety of sizes and ability to cut concrete blocks allow for a high degree of flexibility during installation. This is especially important when laying paving around existing infrastructure such as street signage or furniture. In addition, we can supply many of our commercial block paving products in machine lay format in addition to traditional hand lay products.

Qualified Roofing Experts in Kenya

Having to replace or repair your roof may appear to be a daunting task; after all, your roof is one of the essential components of your home. However, your family’s safety is a top priority, and investing in high-quality roofing contractors will pay off in the long run. It can be challenging to distinguish between the many contractors who offer their services, but when choosing the right contractor for your roofing needs, you must go with someone you can trust. We are the best roofing experts in Kenya.

How Should You Select a Roofing Contractor in Kenya?

Arctic space and builders have been in business for over a decade now, offering the best building and construction industry services. Arctic Space provides all services related to construction. Roofing being one of the components, we have established and acquired the best modern applicable designs and artistry skills in implementation and visualization across the country.

We offer the best of our services to your doorstep with our qualified, skilled personnel in both contract-based and supervisory approaches to serve you.

Our core value is to enrich all our customers, visualizing their dreams and designing and remodeling already built houses, making them look modern to current times.

Get Referrals

Any reputable roofing contractor should be able to confidently provide you with a track record of completed projects with satisfied customers. Therefore, request a list of completed jobs with contact information so that you, as the potential client, can ensure you’re hiring the right contractor. In addition, you want candid feedback, which should be easily accessible, either through the internet or upon request.

Consider Different Materials

A good roofing contractor should provide you with several options for your project. Although experienced roofers can advise you on what is best, you should not feel obligated to choose the material you are unsure about. Consider building style, color scheme, and overall aesthetic you want to achieve. The weather elements play a significant role in determining which materials are best for your home. Arctic Space And Builders Roofing serves the greater South Florida area and is aware of the seasons’ impact. They must follow standard county building codes in all projects.

Commercial Contractors vs. Residential Contractors in Kenya

Residential roofing projects differ from commercial ones regarding materials used, maintenance plans, and expertise. However, during our time in the industry, Arctic Space And Builders Roofing have serviced both residential and commercial clients, and we can comfortably support the requirements in completing these jobs.

Residential Roofing Experts in Kenya

In both cases, safety is critical; however, the quality of work performed directly impacts your family with residential roofing. We provide maintenance and repair services, using products and materials that will keep your family safe during severe weather. The goal is to extend the life of your roof through regular maintenance and the use of high-quality materials. Shingle roofs are long-lasting and relatively simple to install. Tile roofs are more expensive, but they can last up to 25 years with proper care. Flat membrane roofing is becoming a popular choice for homeowners, despite being more commonly used in commercial construction.

Commercial Roofing Experts in Kenya

Commercial roofing systems and construction require the same level of trust as a residential project, but a business is more likely to carry various insurances on their buildings and assets. These projects are frequently large in scope and necessitate specialized knowledge. Because of these types of roofing, maintenance is equally important but sometimes more challenging to perform. Arctic Space And Builders Roofing also handles maintenance after your project is finished because we believe in extending the life of your investment. Be wary of roofing contractors who appear to specialize in residential construction but have little experience with commercial projects. They do differ and necessitate expertise, which can impact the longevity of your roof.

It would help if you were wary of roofing company scams that are circulating. There is a distinction between affordability and something being overpriced. After all, price determines quality. You want to pay for experienced, professional roofers. Arctic Space and Builders Roofing can provide more than just low prices. During your project, you require peace of mind, whether a repair, replacement, commercial or residential job. We provide warranties on our materials and knowledge to help you make the best decision for you and your family, no matter your requirements.

Can I get roofing experts in Kenya?

Yes. Arctic Space and Builder dedicates its resources to providing the best building and construction services. Our company has served clients from various parts of the country. We have employed a very flexible team. Wherever you are in Kenya, we will come to you. Book for roofing experts in Kenya by calling 0721 694 346

Modern 5 bedroom mansion Box house Designs in Kenya

Are you looking for a unique modern 5 bedroom maisonette box house in Kenya. We will design the best house for you. Our architects are talented and ready to do concept design and actual building.

Best modern 5 bedroom maisonette box house in Kenya

Modern Steel Doors & Windows Fabricators in Kenya

The gate is the first thing your visitor sees. You cannot compromise on having a good house and a poorly done gate! Arctic Space and Builders makes sure that you retain the unique and elegant look from the entrance. We have been involved in steel doors,windows and gates fabrications construction in Kenya.

we engage our clients on discussions to identify on the types,where every design differs from the other in both technical and financial(budget) aspect. we offers best of our ideas based on purpose,Main purpose being barrier for unauthorized persons from access in category of security and privacy.

we deliver all types of fabrications on construction industry which consist of:

1. Heavy and light gauge doors and windows(opening).

2. Internal protective modern grills for both Light and Heavy gauge doors,windows and verandas.

3. shades and Pergola’s.

4.Roofing in Both Light and Heavy gauge steel member saving on trees(Eco system preservation).

5. Steel gutters and Facade.

6. Water Tower masts designs and fabrications.


arctic space and builders has adopted modern fabricated doors and windows to our clients homes giving the best outlook for both external and internal beauty. we provide designs for non-grilled glazed windows maintaining the core values of security aspects, Natural lighting aspect which we provides big paneled sizes in respect to the room size and aesthetic aspects which must be the key in blending the house to look well incorporated and bonding with the entire design.

Arctic space and Builders don’t miss it, we implement well designed schemes and working drawings from our architect,giving our customer the best of satisfaction, for our designs don’t differs from the actual works on ground

giving guarantee on our Design and Build Approach to you.



B. Internal protective modern grills for both Light and

Heavy gauge doors,windows and verandas.

Modern windows mostly have big panel glazing making it easier for someone to breaking in and as we offers the exterior look of big panels,thought ahead on providing extra security to the owners by designing protective heavy gauge grills to be fixed by our team of expert.

Arctic space and builders has engaged the course by delivering our best services to all customers seeking our services by making sure they get just the right products of our expertise within their budget and maintaining exterior views that might look high end finishing,though commonly adopted but done with a extra touch of skilled personnel.

Looking for best guys to do the job,view our page and select on items you may required professional services,contact us via:email

call or whats app us: 0721 694346.

3 Bedroom Bungalow House Designs in Kenya

Arctic Space and Builders architects has again came up with luxurious simple modern setup for Residential 3 bedroom bungalow  consisting of common social rooms and well oriented standard and spacious rooms setup each with additional perspectives to most users and specific individual preference. Modern 3 bedrooms bungalows consists two modern pitched roofed and modern box house. Arctic space designs offers to customer’s values. Looking for a comfortable and decent modern house plans and designs, we arctic space renders best of clients interest to professional standards.

Coverage/ House Size Description

For residential homes, most users prefer to have a house  to accommodate just the nuclear family and no one want to feel kind the rooms are not meeting their basic needs like floor areas for each available space well utilized. Our house plans purposely achieved to accommodate the comfort. Arctic space has designed 174 meter squares at around 40% plot coverage.  The assumptions are that you have 1/8 acre being the small piece of land one should consider to erect a 3 bedroom residential home.

The size of the house plan should closely relate to the piece land available. Additionally, it should comply with the Authorities and institutions that provides guidelines and approvals for the house plans. Modern designs and setup allows one to enjoy beautiful natural courts within a small compound. We complete your dream by designing and implementing beautiful house plans. The design allows landscaping or individual based setup for green areas, shrubs, flowers and pavements for modern homes.

Domains/ Features of House Design

Entrance verandah/ front porch

For residential homes, verandah/porch plays major roles in a home setup. Modern homes on essential use have:

  • Two(2) porch/verandah
  • Entrance and kitchen exit backyard porch serving as access to the backyard for kitchen use and laundry services.
  • Spacious verandah provides extra modern perspective accommodation some couches as resting foyer and breakout areas.
  • Kitchen backyard verandah has offered spacious section for in-build dhobi services deck and can be modified to accommodate washing machine mostly adopted in gated community setup with good security. Arctic Space and Builder designs offer best of professional advice to our esteemed customer when it comes to quality and usage.

Common social rooms

Arctic Space and Builder house plan layout depends on different traditional cultural aspects from the user mind well noted briefs by a qualified arctic space architects, composing the briefs into layouts defining the smooth relationship between the plan structure, Lounge/sitting area being the most spacious room for a range of user with open decorated arched openings serving as access from lounge, dining area and to the kitchen for those users with western house plan setup dream, making the design latest and modern(open plan layout).

Spacious kitchen to accommodate wooden shelves, cabinets and a central island cabinet in most case used as preparation desk/platform and a small dining area when the family reduces to 2 say husband and wife. Then the dining becomes irrelevant.

Wet area to accommodate a lobby where most users have the wash hand basin and toiletries storage shelves separate bathroom and toilet to serve anyone in common areas and also the 2 rooms to be used as bedrooms.

Best Roofing Designs in Kenya

Arctic space and builders has developed modern roofing designs for residential home to suite currently mostly adopted roofing system in market making us leading best architects in Nakuru and other parts of the country as our professional services go beyond boundaries to improve the idea to concepts then modern roofing concepts and implementation making our customer certified.

Why Arctic Space and Builders the Best Architects in Kenya

Arctic space designs architects gives best of house plans orientations and layouts focusing on space utilization and minimizing space wasting mostly on passages which play major roles in any residential structure for access to all domains of the house plan. Arctic space designs short composed passages giving the user flow of activities within the house.

Master bedroom

With 9fts in-built wardrobes with space to accommodate;

  • King size bed
  • Side tables
  • A walk in combined ensuite with designed shower cubical,
  • Wash hand basin and
  • Wall closet (WC).

Why Hire Arctic Space and Builders to Design your 3 Bedroom Bungalow

We as arctic space and builders offer wide range of professional services, and we have continued to impact our best services to real estate developers and in construction industry. We provide the best service to our esteemed customers/clients.

Customer Focused

We believe each every one of us has a dream concept that needs to become reality. We designed to improve the admiration of perfection. Our services are dedicated to all types of clients regardless of financial status. Your dream can be realized within your budget.

Creative Architects

Arctic space and builders provides a platform that would solve the imaginary perspective view that one has before doing a home. We make your imagination become a reality. Additionally, our architects design your house plan from scratch. We do not sell templates!


Zero Joint Wall Construction in Kenya

Are you looking for a company that you can trust to complete zero joint wall? Arctic Space and Builders has utilized enough time to come up with a perfect product. We provide the best service in manning construction projects. The unique thing about our company is that we always equip our technicians with latest technology. Whatever project you are working on, you need to give considerable thought to the company you are hiring.

Brick and block technology has been the go-to option for most home owners in Kenya. Methods of applying bricks and blocks have changed over time. Zero Joint construction has attracted a unique kind of clientele looking for unique homes. It is a modern technique that can only be implemented by a committed company like ours. Thin joint construction offers numerous benefits in terms of efficiency and speed.

Unlike a common belief that zero joint walls are not strong enough, zero-joint walls are much stronger than common brick construction technology. The reality of zero joint walls is that the brick is firmly help by concrete from the inside. the only visible part from the outside is smooth and appealing. Zero joint wall construction in Kenya is not common due to lack of skilled labor.

zero joint construction in Kenya

Advantages of Zero Joint Wall Construction in Kenya

One advantage of using zero joint building technology is that the country is blessed with strong stones. Natural stones are main construction raw material. Kenya has strong stones of different colors. With a good architect, your building will be designed with colorful patterns.

Zero Joint walls are easily drilled, chased, sawn and sanded on hand using normal tools. The wall is designed to provide allowance for installation of windows, doors, etc. the best thing about zero joint building technology is that it helps reduce wastage.

Why you should Hire Arctic Space and Builders for Zero Joint Wall Construction in Kenya

First, our company does to promise what we cannot offer. Arctic Space and builders has worked for clients in Kenya and those working in diaspora. We are a trusted company that will help actualize your project even in your presence. Over time, we have built trust with clients across the country. Our clients have been an important part of marketing through referrals.

Secondly, our experts go through rigorous training before being part of the team. They have been equipped with practical skills for handling any challenge in the construction industry. What’s more, our experts gets training about how to handle situations and to be problem solvers.

For clarification and booking, contact us through +254 721 694 346

2 Bedrooms Apartments House Ideas in Kenya

2 bedrooms apartments house ideas for young families

5 bedroom mansionatte house Plan in Kenya

5 bedroom Mansionatte House Plan in Kenya

This is a 5 bedroom mansionatte house Plan project in Nakuru. It is a big house for a big family or those looking to accommodate relatives. The house can also be designed for homestays as an air Air BnB. It is spacious with all bedrooms being en-suite. This is the best house plan for prestigious family. However, the house needs a good-sized piece of land and a decent budget. At Arctic Space and Builders, we deal with all kinds of clients. This is an example of a completed project to prove that we have we deliver the best to our clients.

Our designs for five mansionatte plans are designed to make complete use of available plot. Some plans are designed for wide plots while some for narrow ones. These Kenya house designs are handled by best house engineering brains in the country to advice the client on the best use of space. The house plans from Arctic Space and Builders will advice the building layout for your building.

Main Features


  • A spacious entrance porch
  • Spacious dining area
  • Spacious lounge
  • A store
  • Visitors half bathroom
  • Kitchen entry with pantry



  • A study
  • Family room
  • 3 additional en-suite bedrooms
  • En-suite master bedrooms

Why We are the Best Architects in Kenya to Design your Five-bedroom Mansionatte

Arctic Space and Builders comprises of the best engineers with great knowledge on customer relations and engineering work. We have a team that is dynamic to changes, great listening skills and knowledge about building and construction. A combination of these skills are relevant in our service delivery as all designs are based on clients ideas.

Unlike many companies selling pre-made house plans, our company designs your house from scratch. We cannot emphasize the importance of custom-made house plans. Among many advantages, there is the aspect of different sizes of land. We do believe in personalization to improve customer satisfaction. We allow clients to imagine their dream house and we make it happen.

Our experts are always ready to here from you for technical advice and bookings for site visits. Contact us through Head Architect Raymond on +254 721 694346.

5 bedroom mansionatte. Spacious Laundry room, 1 bedroom sq. 1 bedroom servant quarters with 2no. Double car port plus cars spares parts storage room. Fits in a quarter plot.

Modern 4 bedrooms bungalow

Find the best house floor plans for your family dream house. Arctic Space and Builders have a collection of 4 bedroom house plans. We also do custom design that suites your requirements. This 4 bedroom house is perfect for a joint family, providing a separate room for each person, and guest quarters.

Rooms have been spread out through different floors to provide room for living space. This is an actual project in Nakuru county. If required, our architects will customize your plan depending on available space and other specifications. Our company has been the best in designing four bedroom bungalow in Kenya.

For easy access to ground floor rooms, the plan may be designed to consist of one story house with 4 bedrooms to maximize plot usage. Such a plan will ensure that there is ample space for each room. Our architects will design 1 story house design with 4 bedroom,  2 story house plans with 4 bedroom with maximum ventilation and sunlight. Some designs can come with the option of 2, 3 and 4 bathrooms plans. Get modern 4 bedrooms bungalow house plan from the best company in Kenya.

For inquiries and ordering, contact Head Architect  Raymond on +254 721 694346