How to Build A House Cheaply In Kenya

A house in Kenya costs an arm and a leg to build. It is important to note, however, that the cost varies from town to town and is determined by the house\’s design and the cost of building materials used. Here are some crucial tips on how to build a house cheaply in Kenya.

The majority of Nairobians, like those in other major cities, rent their homes. However, many people prefer to own a permanent residence. A residential property can be purchased in two ways: a ready-made home or a custom-built home.

A disadvantage of buying a ready-made house is that it is often expensive and deprives you of much-needed control over the surrounding conditions. That is why the majority of people prefer to build their own from the ground up.

So, how do you build a house cheaply in Kenya?

This is a guide on how to build a low-cost house without sacrificing quality, safety, or comfort for your family.

In Kenya, the average cost of constructing a house is

As previously stated, the average cost of building a house varies by town. It also depends on:

  1. the land typography,
  2. the size of the house you want to build,
  3. the material specifications, and
  4.  the house design.

Assume that A and B are both building a three-bedroom house, that the design is identical, that the materials are identical, and that the only difference is that A is building in Kamulu and B is building in Nakuru.

Now, A would pay significantly less than B to build the house. This is because the majority of the construction materials required can be found in the surrounding area.

When budgeting for your new home, consider the following factors to arrive at an affordable budget for the project:

  • What size and design of a house are you looking for? Remember, the square footage you have, the more it will cost you.
  • How much it will cost per square foot. Benchmarking a house similar to the one you want to build is an excellent way to do this. Calculate the total value used, deduct the land cost, and divide the remaining amount by the house\’s square footage.
  • What kind of external and internal features are you looking for? For example, reduce the number of doors and windows if you want to build cheaply in Kenya.
  • What kinds of finishes do you want? In general, an average finish will cost around Ksh. Thirty thousand per square meter and a high-quality finish will cost around Ksh. 65,000.

How to Build a House Cheaply in Kenya

So, how do you build cheaply in Kenya, where the price of almost everything seems to be rising daily?

It isn\’t that difficult. But, unfortunately, most people are programmed to believe that cheap equals low quality. I respectfully disagree; cheap does not imply that the house will be of poor quality.

This is simply a guide on reducing the cost of all construction inputs while maintaining the quality of your home.

To build a house cheaply in Kenya, you must:

1.      Employ the Best Design-build Company

One of the processes that necessitate careful planning is the construction of a home. First, you must look for the best home builders and constructors and choose one. This is since the outcome of your construction project will be determined by the company you select.

The homebuilder and constructor will assist you in deciding on the best design and materials to use. Furthermore, you must agree on the total cost of the project, from design to completion. Finally, you can collaborate with the following Kenyan home builders and constructors to create a beautiful home or commercial building.

It is a construction company that specializes in design-build projects. The company creates, purchases, and builds the type of house you require. The construction process is divided into phases. This means that once you have approved the design, the foundation will be built by the home builder and contractor. Once it is finished, you authorize, pay, and then they proceed.

Arctic Space and Builders is the right company to build your house in Kenya. It builds secure and stable water structures for your tanks. You can call for help at +254 721 694346. Furthermore, Arctic Space and Builders can provide you with an excellent deal if you are from outside the country and are looking for a holiday home in Kenya.

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2.      Purchase a surveyed and bounded parcel of land.

A building lot is a surveyed and bounded plot set aside for construction. Therefore, it will be less expensive to build on a low-cost building lot that does not require public services or other costs such as excavating, clearing bushes, or repairing extended drainage.

3.      Select a simple design.

When looking to build on a budget, I recommend going with a simple house plan. You can choose between a Bungalow and a Maisonette, depending on the size of your land. Simple floor plans are simple and inexpensive to build. Also, keep intricate roof lines to a minimum.

4.      Think about the size of the house.

As previously stated, the cost of building a house varies according to its size. To build a low-cost home, choose a design with fewer square feet that is simple to construct and inexpensive to maintain.

5.      Consider a multi-story home.

Going tall is another good way to build a house for a low cost in Kenya. This type of house can have the same amount of living space as a traditional house, but the foundation and roof will be much smaller.

6.      Rather than a wood cabinet, opt for open shelves.

Though woods finishes may appear more elegant, you can save a lot by going for open shelves or stainless steel cabinets. To spice things up, use frosted glass doors.

7.      Recycling

You do not have to purchase all of the materials required for construction. Recycling is a less expensive and more cost-effective option. You can also use second-hand construction materials that are both inexpensive and of high quality.

How to reduce cost of construction materials in Kenya

There are several ways to reduce the cost of construction materials in Kenya:

  • Purchase materials in bulk: Buying materials in large quantities can often result in discounts and lower prices.
  • Shop around: Compare prices at different suppliers to find the best deal.
  • Use local materials: Using locally sourced materials, such as clay or bamboo, can be cheaper than imported materials.
  • Go for alternatives: Certain materials, such as wood, can be replaced with more cost-effective alternatives, such as steel or concrete.
  • negotiate with suppliers and contractors
  • Avoid wastage by having clear design and budget before starting the project
  • Use of low-cost building technologies
  • Look for government subsidies or grants for construction materials.

It\’s important to keep in mind that some of these methods may not be appropriate for all types of construction projects, but it\’s worth considering them in order to find ways to reduce costs.