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Quantity Survey

Planning is the core of every project. Quantity Survey services plays a critical role in planning of projects. Bill of quantities, also known as BOQ or BQ is an important tool used to communicate critical information about project cost. It connects all parties involved in the construction project i.e., contractor, client and consultant. The bill of quantities is made by a qualified architect or a quantity surveyor.

The bill of quantities is the heart of any project since it provides schedules that categorizes, details and quantifies materials and any other cost expected to be inquired.  A well-developed bill of quantity results into better planning of a project and saving construction cost.

Why Hire a Quantity Surveyor Services from Arctic Space and Builders?

  1. We are Qualified

According to the National Construction Authority Act, quantity surveyor is expected to be a qualified, having attended a formal education of at least a diploma in quantity survey.