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kitchen renovation services

Arctic Space and Builders handles kitchen remodeling and renovation, bringing them up to par with the most modern kitchens in the world. Wall tiles, cabinets, and both law level and high-level granite work, as well as kitchen sinks, are examples of kitchen appliances. We ensure that your kitchen is always clean and neat by installing wall tiles up to 2.5 inches thick. During kitchen construction or remodeling, we also use only nonflammable materials, as specified in the fire safety, fire point, and fire fighting manual.

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We also supply and install stainless steel range hoods, which are resistant to water damage and will not rust or corrode, which is especially important given a vent hood’s primary purpose of removing steam, grease, and other potentially harmful substances from your home.

Kenyan Kitchen Renovation, Kitchen Remodeling Services

Kitchen Refurbishment in Kenya, Kitchen Remodeling; When remodeling or replacing appliances, it may be beneficial to include features that accommodate all household members and activities. Different height counters, for example, are useful for cooks of various heights. Everyone appreciates easily accessible storage, including those with reaching, stooping, kneeling, and/or lifting limitations. Those who cannot stand for more than a few minutes value the ability to sit while performing tasks.



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Kitchen Renovations and Remodeling in Kenya

Arctic Space and Builders ensures that the basin is accessible to people with limited reach, shorter people, and seated individuals. Remodeling existing housing stock is critical to providing our country with decent and affordable housing. When a house or apartment is renovated, it is often possible to make it more accessible to people with disabilities. Given the growing awareness of the needs of people with disabilities, as well as the aging of the baby boom generation, it makes sense to ensure that more housing addresses the needs of all through “Universal Design.”

We Only Use High-Quality Materials

As a professional home remodeling company, we have established high-quality connections and partnerships with various kitchen contractors and manufacturers, allowing us to provide you with industry-leading materials and tradespeople at very competitive prices.

Here are a few examples of high-quality kitchen elements we can assist you with:

Kitchen Cabinets

We work with cabinetry in a variety of styles, eras, colors, materials, and designs, ranging from Shaker cabinets to modern high-gloss cabinets. Arctic Space and Builders find the perfect design for you, whether you want old-fashioned country cabinets or soft-close glossy cabinets. We work with stock, custom, and semi-custom cabinetry to provide you with a wide range of storage options for your culinary needs.

Countertops in the Kitchen

Our kitchen specialists at Kitchen Infinity have different countertop designs to fit your practical and aesthetic needs, whether it’s granite, marble, Corian, or laminate. We carry a variety of materials, including natural and engineered stone, and can provide you with kitchen counter surfaces in a variety of styles and levels of resistance to heat, mold, and stains.


We can find the perfect backsplash to complement your countertop and overall kitchen design, whether you want ceramic tiles, mosaics, subway tile, or modern glass and steel tiles. We determine the best backsplash for your cooking habits and personal style, from full-height backsplashes to the classic 4-inch backsplash.


While appliances must obviously function properly. It is also critical that they blend in with the overall theme of your kitchen remodel. Our expert kitchen remodeling team can easily recommend the best refrigerators, ovens, sinks, mixers, and general kitchen appliances to complement your chosen design and provide you with many years of great service.

Designing your kitchen on a tight budget

The average homeowner spends approximately 20% of the total construction cost on the kitchen.

Learning how to design a great kitchen is a valuable skill that can help transform a run-down house into a dream home.

Modern kitchen designs in Kenya, on the other hand, are not cheap. The average homeowner spends roughly 20% of the total construction cost on the kitchen alone – and this does not include appliances.

This is because most people choose expensive kitchen design plans when they can achieve similar looks for much less.

The first step toward a trendy kitchen is making a list of everything you want in your ideal kitchen.

How to Do Kitchen Renovations on a Budget

Divide the list into two sections: 1) things you need and 2) things you want.

This will assist you in distinguishing between what you require and what you can live without. Purchase what you require first, and then, if your budget allows, purchase some of the items you can live without.

The materials used in the space will primarily determine your kitchen design budget. Imported fixtures, cabinets, high-end floor tiles, and granite counter tops will make your kitchen stand out.

Unfortunately, these features are not inexpensive. If you can’t afford them, look for low-cost alternatives.

You can achieve the look of real marble or granite by using less expensive marble and granite laminates. If you really want the real thing, go for marble or granite tiles because they are less expensive.

The flooring material is prominently featured in kitchen design plans. It is also one of your room’s most expensive features. Ceramic tiles and marble may be out of your price range, but modern vinyl flooring is not.

Finally, you can save money on labor when designing a kitchen. Are there any jobs that you can do? Can you help me paint the room? Consider doing these tasks yourself rather than hiring someone to do them for you.

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  • Modern Kitchens that are State-of-the-Art
  • Outstanding Kitchen D├ęcor that Makes Your Kitchen Stand Out
  • Large and artistically remodeling practice
  • Industrial kitchens that incorporate all of the best kitchen workplace practices
  • All kitchens are tailored to the specific requirements of the individual or corporate client.