4 Bedroom Maisonette House Plan Nakuru County

Are you looking for a house plan that fits your budget? Our company has been in the construction industry for more than 10 years. Over time, we have gathered enough networks and skills. Our architects are always ready to design and help you build. We understand the value of involving clients during the designing process. Our Bedroom maisonette plan designs are unique everywhere it sits on. We help you actualize your dream.

Throughout our working experience, we have come to notice the value of saving space. We therefore work with the available space to design the best house plan for you home. Your family deserves the best home!

Arctic space and builder has once again delivered modern quality ideas and works specialists, towards achieving Clients admiration concepts all put together to make up a dream home. We as arctic space and builders understood and just gave the client more than just dream home but a home.

4 Bedroom Maisonette Family Home

This is a four bedroom maisonette house project that is exactly the house plan you need for your medium family. Arctic Space and Builders ensure that you finish your construction project while considering cost. The design includes;

  • Common room,
  • Family room
  • Master bedroom en suite
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • Dinning area,
  • The lounge, and a
  • Spacious kitchen.

The house is sitting on 5,037sqr feet’s land, having occupied just 2,638sqr feet’s(plinth area) and 2,399 sqr feet’s has provided designed landscape for paved area and lawn to incorporate landscaping planters to provide our esteemed customer enjoy nature view within a small compound.

The project is a 4 bed roomed house oriented to accommodate most families for its simplicity in layout in terms of rooms and spaces relations in respect to usage and  Its complexity in the neighborhood/estate for it has contributed much more towards both land and owner values.

Entry Points

It’s a one storey home, designed to have proper flow of motion to the user. Usually from the entry point (Designed sliding along the wall Gate), Paved driveway to 1 car garage parking with storage room, Entry verandah hall, open spacious lounge, dining and kitchen concept with open stairs well within the lounge. Kitchen designed to accommodate a storage facility room (pantry) and an island cabinet and backyard verandah/porch, cloak room, spacious laundry room with backyard multipurpose door to Laundry and Guest bedroom corridor to achieve best traditional and cultural aspect to users. Having co related all rooms within ground floor layout setup, partial perspective gallery to the user view to the open lounge from the 1st level to improve on smooth flow orientations, 1st to the spacious family room with balcony facing front, 2.


The 4 bedroom mansionatte house design consists of 4 Bedrooms all ensuite with each having private balcony and spacious master bedroom with spacious walk in dressing patio with ensuite and open balcony to the front.

Why you should hire use to design your 4 bedroom Maisonette

We as arctic space and builders offer wide range of professional services, and we have continued to impact our best services to real estate developers and in construction industry to giving ever best to our esteemed customers/clients.

Customer Focused

We believe each every one of us has a dream concept that needs to be well thought and designed to improve the admiration of perfection, that we don’t choose the class, status and influence that one might impact on us but much more on giving the society ever best in satisfactions.

Creative Architects

Arctic space and builders provides a platform that would solve the imaginary perspective view that one has before doing a home, to making imagination becomes reality by offering services as listed below. Additionally, our architects design your house plan from scratch. We do not sell templates!

Our company uses new technology for that unique house! Also check out for Zero Joint Wall construction in Kenya.

Proven Track Record

Arctic Space and Builders has been in the industry for more than 12 years. During our daily working, we have gained experience on construction and situation handling. We continue to handle challenges every day ensuring that our clients are satisfied. Clients we have worked for always refer to a friend or two. Arctic space and builders offers architectural services for all types of buildings, that includes:

  • Commercial concepts designs and layouts; shops space, office block and hotels
  • Apartments( multi-dwelling) designs, Residential single dwelling homes designs
  • Renovations and Redesigns  for the customers with already build structures avoiding demolishing.
  • Religious and Institutional concept design
  • Light industrial processing concept design
  • Agricultural concepts that falls under construction industry.

We provide scheme designs and layouts setup which impact our society and values.

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