Zero Joint Wall Construction in Kenya

Are you looking for a company that you can trust to complete zero joint wall? Arctic Space and Builders has utilized enough time to come up with a perfect product. We provide the best service in manning construction projects. The unique thing about our company is that we always equip our technicians with latest technology. Whatever project you are working on, you need to give considerable thought to the company you are hiring.

Brick and block technology has been the go-to option for most home owners in Kenya. Methods of applying bricks and blocks have changed over time. Zero Joint construction has attracted a unique kind of clientele looking for unique homes. It is a modern technique that can only be implemented by a committed company like ours. Thin joint construction offers numerous benefits in terms of efficiency and speed.

Unlike a common belief that zero joint walls are not strong enough, zero-joint walls are much stronger than common brick construction technology. The reality of zero joint walls is that the brick is firmly help by concrete from the inside. the only visible part from the outside is smooth and appealing. Zero joint wall construction in Kenya is not common due to lack of skilled labor.

Advantages of Zero Joint Wall Construction in Kenya

One advantage of using zero joint building technology is that the country is blessed with strong stones. Natural stones are main construction raw material. Kenya has strong stones of different colors. With a good architect, your building will be designed with colorful patterns.

Zero Joint walls are easily drilled, chased, sawn and sanded on hand using normal tools. The wall is designed to provide allowance for installation of windows, doors, etc. the best thing about zero joint building technology is that it helps reduce wastage.

Why you should Hire Arctic Space and Builders for Zero Joint Wall Construction in Kenya

First, our company does to promise what we cannot offer. Arctic Space and builders has worked for clients in Kenya and those working in diaspora. We are a trusted company that will help actualize your project even in your presence. Over time, we have built trust with clients across the country. Our clients have been an important part of marketing through referrals.

Secondly, our experts go through rigorous training before being part of the team. They have been equipped with practical skills for handling any challenge in the construction industry. What’s more, our experts gets training about how to handle situations and to be problem solvers.

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