3 Bedroom Bungalow House Designs in Kenya

Arctic Space and Builders architects has again came up with luxurious simple modern setup for Residential 3 bedroom bungalow  consisting of common social rooms and well oriented standard and spacious rooms setup each with additional perspectives to most users and specific individual preference. Modern 3 bedrooms bungalows consists two modern pitched roofed and modern box house. Arctic space designs offers to customer’s values. Looking for a comfortable and decent modern house plans and designs, we arctic space renders best of clients interest to professional standards.

Coverage/ House Size Description

For residential homes, most users prefer to have a house  to accommodate just the nuclear family and no one want to feel kind the rooms are not meeting their basic needs like floor areas for each available space well utilized. Our house plans purposely achieved to accommodate the comfort. Arctic space has designed 174 meter squares at around 40% plot coverage.  The assumptions are that you have 1/8 acre being the small piece of land one should consider to erect a 3 bedroom residential home.

The size of the house plan should closely relate to the piece land available. Additionally, it should comply with the Authorities and institutions that provides guidelines and approvals for the house plans. Modern designs and setup allows one to enjoy beautiful natural courts within a small compound. We complete your dream by designing and implementing beautiful house plans. The design allows landscaping or individual based setup for green areas, shrubs, flowers and pavements for modern homes.

Domains/ Features of House Design

Entrance verandah/ front porch

For residential homes, verandah/porch plays major roles in a home setup. Modern homes on essential use have:

  • Two(2) porch/verandah
  • Entrance and kitchen exit backyard porch serving as access to the backyard for kitchen use and laundry services.
  • Spacious verandah provides extra modern perspective accommodation some couches as resting foyer and breakout areas.
  • Kitchen backyard verandah has offered spacious section for in-build dhobi services deck and can be modified to accommodate washing machine mostly adopted in gated community setup with good security. Arctic Space and Builder designs offer best of professional advice to our esteemed customer when it comes to quality and usage.

Common social rooms

Arctic Space and Builder house plan layout depends on different traditional cultural aspects from the user mind well noted briefs by a qualified arctic space architects, composing the briefs into layouts defining the smooth relationship between the plan structure, Lounge/sitting area being the most spacious room for a range of user with open decorated arched openings serving as access from lounge, dining area and to the kitchen for those users with western house plan setup dream, making the design latest and modern(open plan layout).

Spacious kitchen to accommodate wooden shelves, cabinets and a central island cabinet in most case used as preparation desk/platform and a small dining area when the family reduces to 2 say husband and wife. Then the dining becomes irrelevant.

Wet area to accommodate a lobby where most users have the wash hand basin and toiletries storage shelves separate bathroom and toilet to serve anyone in common areas and also the 2 rooms to be used as bedrooms.

Best Roofing Designs in Kenya

Arctic space and builders has developed modern roofing designs for residential home to suite currently mostly adopted roofing system in market making us leading best architects in Nakuru and other parts of the country as our professional services go beyond boundaries to improve the idea to concepts then modern roofing concepts and implementation making our customer certified.

Why Arctic Space and Builders the Best Architects in Kenya

Arctic space designs architects gives best of house plans orientations and layouts focusing on space utilization and minimizing space wasting mostly on passages which play major roles in any residential structure for access to all domains of the house plan. Arctic space designs short composed passages giving the user flow of activities within the house.

Master bedroom

With 9fts in-built wardrobes with space to accommodate;

  • King size bed
  • Side tables
  • A walk in combined ensuite with designed shower cubical,
  • Wash hand basin and
  • Wall closet (WC).

Why Hire Arctic Space and Builders to Design your 3 Bedroom Bungalow

We as arctic space and builders offer wide range of professional services, and we have continued to impact our best services to real estate developers and in construction industry. We provide the best service to our esteemed customers/clients.

Customer Focused

We believe each every one of us has a dream concept that needs to become reality. We designed to improve the admiration of perfection. Our services are dedicated to all types of clients regardless of financial status. Your dream can be realized within your budget.

Creative Architects

Arctic space and builders provides a platform that would solve the imaginary perspective view that one has before doing a home. We make your imagination become a reality. Additionally, our architects design your house plan from scratch. We do not sell templates!