Modern Steel Doors & Windows Fabricators in Kenya

The gate is the first thing your visitor sees. You cannot compromise on having a good house and a poorly done gate! Arctic Space and Builders makes sure that you retain the unique and elegant look from the entrance. We have been involved in steel doors, windows and gates fabrications construction in Kenya.

Our experts engage our clients on discussions to identify on the types, where every design differs from the other in both technical and financial(budget) aspect. we offers best of our ideas based on purpose, Main purpose being barrier for unauthorized persons from access in category of security and privacy.

we deliver all types of fabrications on construction industry which consist of:

1. Heavy and light gauge doors and windows(opening).

2. Internal protective modern grills for both Light and Heavy gauge doors, windows and verandas.

3. shades and Pergola\’s.

4.Roofing in Both Light and Heavy gauge steel member saving on trees(Eco system preservation).

5. Steel gutters and Facade.

6. Water Tower masts designs and fabrications.


arctic space and builders has adopted modern fabricated doors and windows to our clients homes giving the best outlook for both external and internal beauty. we provide designs for non-grilled glazed windows maintaining the core values of security aspects, Natural lighting aspect which we provides big paneled sizes in respect to the room size and aesthetic aspects which must be the key in blending the house to look well incorporated and bonding with the entire design. We are also have best staircase design in Kenya.

Arctic space and Builders don\’t miss it, we implement well designed schemes and working drawings from our architect, giving our customer the best of satisfaction, for our designs don\’t differs from the actual works on ground giving guarantee on our Design and Build Approach to you.


B. Internal protective modern grills for both Light and

Heavy gauge doors, windows and verandas.

Modern windows mostly have big panel glazing making it easier for someone to breaking in and as we offers the exterior look of big panels, thought ahead on providing extra security to the owners by designing protective heavy gauge grills to be fixed by our team of expert.

Arctic Space and Builders has engaged the course by delivering our best services to all customers seeking our services by making sure they get just the right products of our expertise within their budget and maintaining exterior views that might look high end finishing, though commonly adopted but done with a extra touch of skilled personnel.

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