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Biodigester Construction Services in Kenya

If you’re tired of pumping out your septic tank regularly, a biodigester should be installed in your home, school, hotel, or commercial establishments such as shops and malls, to mention a few. Arctic Space and Builders provides the best biodigester construction services in Kenya.

There’s no need to pump trash out regularly with a biodigester because it’s broken down into biogas (methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide) and liquid rich in nutrients and organics. However, the construction of a biodigester in Kenya is the safest and odorless approach to dispose of toilet waste.

You can use the liquid to enhance your soil and help you develop healthy plants. Phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen are among the nutrients found in them. Methane can be used to cook with. It produces a clear, smokeless blue flame. Toilets with bio-digesters are an efficient way to manage human waste.

Biodigester Construction in Kenya

Due to the scarcity of space in Kenyan Towns, many people prefer the Biodigester option.

These are the benefits of a biodigester versus a septic tank at a glance.

  • It only takes up a small amount of space.
  • There will be no fills.
  • There is no odor.
  • Budget-friendly
  • It’s good for the environment.

For the rest of your life, say no to Exhauster.

Call/Text/WhatsApp Raymond on 0721694346 for more information about biodigester installation in Kenya. Many biodigester systems have been built or installed throughout Kenya. We are prepared to transport you to these locations.

In Kenya, biodigester toilets are becoming the most convenient option. You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for biodigester building and installation services in Kenya. We provide skilled and economic biodigester toilet installation services in Kenya at Arctic Space and Builders. Our Bio services assist in the management of household trash. This is frequently the most recent technology for treating and managing bodily waste. As a result, you save both money and space.


This is where bodily waste (urine and feces) is processed. End products include pathogen-free water, CO2, and Methane Biogas. Bacteria give the treatment without the use of oxygen (anaerobic digestion) during a specific tank. Instead, an immobilization matrix is used in the tank to keep increased microbial mass for survival in harsh environments. The water is frequently re-flushed and utilized for gardening, with additional treatment in the form of a reed bed.

Bio-Digester Toilet Installation Services in Kenya

Due to our effective and cheap services, Arctic Space and Builders is Kenya’s best bio-digester firm.

Here’s what we’re going to do for you

  1. We’ll replace your septic tanks with bio tanks.
  2. Make your unused Bio Toilets functional by resurrecting them.
  3. Decentralized wastewater treatment for water from the kitchen, toilets, and bathrooms

4. Within 48 hours, we installed the biodigester and had it ready to use.

Biodigester construction in Kenya

You could be perplexed. What’s the point of a bio-digester? A person living in residence without a sanitation facility is the solution. Also, for persons who live in private homes, resorts, and cottages. Who aspires to live in a clean and sanitary environment? For the sake of themselves and, as a result, future generations.

Advantages of Using Next-Generation Bio-Digester

  1. Because all organic wastes are disposed of in the system, it does not need to be emptied or exhausted.

Fully decompose into gases and water.

  1. The system is very space-efficient and requires little maintenance. Because it makes use of

There are no moving parts in hydraulics. Hence electricity or power is used.

  1. There are no odors. Because bio-degradation takes place underwater, all gases emitted are harmless.

I’m stuck in the water.

  1. 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Bio-digester chemical is used in Kenya.

Bio-digester Chemical is a mixture of bacteria and enzymes that can digest food. It activates when placed in the bio-digester tank. And start storing enzymes that digest organic waste quickly and degrade it into water and air. “Where can I obtain bio-digester chemical in Kenya?” you might inquire. You don’t have to be concerned since you may reach us at 0721694346, and we will assist you.

Cost of constructing and installing a biodigester in Kenya

In comparison to a septic tank, bio-digesters are dirt cheap. They are common because the cost of maintaining a Bio-digester is zero. Installing a 1.2 cubic meter, for example, corresponds to a home with a ratio of 1:30 individuals. This is the only investment you’ll ever make. As a result, you will not require exhaust services, unlike a septic tank.

Bio-digester Design

There are three different types of digesters.

The fixed dome digester comprises a floating drum, plug flow, and a fixed dome digester.

Biodigester construction, installation, and supply service provider near me

“Can I find a professional biodigester toilet installation and building service near me?” you might think. Yes, because we supply bio-digester supplies all over Kenya.

A septic tank compared to a biodigester system

Because the government and building professionals are pressing individuals to go green in waste management, bio-digesters have replaced septic tanks in Nairobi, Kenya. This is a fantastic initiative, especially for those who live in areas without adequate sewerage.

Furthermore, traditional septic tanks quickly fill up, especially during the rainy season; they take up a lot of room, cost more to install, and require an exhauster for the rest of your life, unlike a biodigester system.

On the other hand, Biodigesters have lower construction costs and are cheaper in the long term. You will save over 10,000 dollars, money that would otherwise be spent on monthly exhaust services, especially if you have a large family.

Biodigester Prices in Nakuru Kenya

Compared to a traditional septic tank, biodigester installation in Nairobi, Kenya, is cost-effective. The pricing of biodigesters in Nairobi, Kenya, is listed below. Please keep in mind that rates will vary depending on the number of people and the size of the group.

Mostly these waste management systems are linked to private or public restrooms. They’re usually composed of bricks and can be found behind a house or buried beneath.

They range from 1 m3 for a home to 100 m3 for public buildings. In Kenya, the cost of installing a septic tank is as follows.

Biodigester construction in Kenya- Cost of biodigester toilet in Kenya

  • 80,000 Kenyan shillings for 50 users
  • 150,000 Kenyan shillings for 100 users
  • 250,000 Kenyan shillings for 200 users
  • For 300 users, 350,000 ksh are available.

Compared to certain companies that charge $100,000 to install one for 50 customers, active biodigester is more inexpensive. If you’re looking for a Biodigester in Kenya, give us a call at 0714195554, and we’ll install one for you at the above price.

What is a Biodigester Septic Tank, and How Does It Work?

Organic matter such as manure, green waste, human excreta, sewage, and municipal waste is converted to use chemicals such as water and gas in bio-digester septic tanks.

In Kenya, this waste management system is primarily fed by liquid and solid waste from kitchens and toilets.

Bacteria are utilized to initiate anaerobic digestion. In a biodigester, bacteria enzymes degrade the waste’s carbohydrates, cellulose, lipids, and proteins into valuable compounds.

The biodigester provides a favorable environment for microorganisms to decompose the organic materials. When building one, we must incorporate an airtight, oxygen-free compartment so that the anaerobic process may function adequately.

It’s critical to have a good biodigester septic tank design.

These bacteria thrive in environments when oxygen is scarce. Therefore, a proper biodigester septic tank design is essential to maximize its efficiency in breaking down waste matter.

Good biodigester septic tank designs provide clearer effluent because the waste has been entirely broken down. Because we are experts at what we do, the waste management systems will serve you for years. We are, in fact, Nema-approved.

Installing a biodigester in your house, school, or business in Kenya is the best decision you’ll ever make because it comes with a slew of advantages. Septic tanks have been replaced.

You will live in a cleaner and healthier environment, and you will no longer have to worry about running out of refills or calling for exhauster services. Biodigesters, as previously said, come in various sizes depending on the number of users on the site.

They also exist in various shapes, which are governed by production requirements, space, infrastructure, and the type of waste.