Cabros and tiles Installation Service in Kenya

Are you looking for Cabros and Tiles installation service in Kenya? Arctic Space and Builders will help you select the right cabros and install them for you. We work closely with individuals and institutions to install cabros on the compound, parking, and corridors. With our cabros installation service, our customers are guaranteed quality services.

What are Cabros?

Concrete paving blocks, also known as Cabro in Kenya, are used on walkways, driveways, parking lots, landscaped compounds, and tented shelters. The thickness of the block determines its strength, with the most common thicknesses ranging from 50mm to 60mm and 80mm.

80mm thick cabro blocks are used for heavy-duty roads. On the other hand, 50mm wide roads are suitable for light-duty applications such as driveways to private residences, tented shelters, and car parks.

You must remove the soil beneath until the stable ground is reached, especially black cotton soil. Murram is then backfilled and compacted with a roller compactor. The final 300mm depth is filled with roller-compacted hand-packed hardcore. The fine aggregate is then laid on top, followed by the paving blocks arranged and held together on the edges by the Edge Kerbs.

Cabro paving blocks are supplied and installed by us. Contact us today for a quote or consultation at +254 721 694 346.

Best Cabros and Tiles Installation Service in Kenya

Arctic Space and Builders is a market leader in the supply of Cabro Paving Blocks in Kenya. We will deliver Cabro Paving Bricks anywhere in Kenya, regardless of your location. As Kenya\’s leading block paver supplier, we offer high-quality Cabro Paving Blocks that combine elegant aesthetics with quick, simple installation processes to provide a long-lasting, safe, and user-friendly solution.


Why Choose Cabro Paving Blocks for Your Outdoor Space

Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor space and create a beautiful and functional area for you and your family to enjoy? Look no further than cabro paving blocks! These versatile and durable blocks are perfect for a variety of outdoor paving projects, including driveways, sidewalks, patios, and more.

Environmentally Conscious

The Arctic Bricks Landscaping range of concrete block paving provides a diverse range of clean, hardwearing, and aesthetically pleasing products in various plan sizes and thicknesses to meet a wide range of trafficking requirements. Arctic Bricks also manufactures permeable paving products that are specifically designed for use in SuDS.

Arctic Bricks products are tough and long-lasting, requiring only minor upkeep. Concrete block pavements are also environmentally friendly, with typical BRE Green Guide ratings of A or A+. This makes it an appealing product from both a sustainability and an aesthetic standpoint. This, combined with our signing of the British Precast Concrete Federation\’s \’Sustainability Charter,\’ means that you can specify arctic Bricks Landscaping products with confidence that they will achieve sustainability and style.

Long-lasting, safe, and durability

Concrete block paving is highly adaptable, making it ideal for high-traffic pedestrian and vehicle areas. The Arctic Bricks commercial range includes paving thicknesses ranging from 60mm, which is suitable for light vehicle and pedestrian traffic, to 80mm, which can withstand heavy vehicle traffic in applications such as ports, airports, container yards, and other commercial locations.

When tested to BS EN 1338:2003, our commercial paving products have excellent slip resistance and abrasion properties. When tested to Annex I, the unpolished slip/skid resistance value is low. When tested according to Annex G, the abrasion resistance value is Class 4. Arctic Bricks installations can be quickly reinstated after work or the installation of underground services, providing additional long-term value and lasting aesthetic appeal.

Installation and upkeep are simple.

Concrete block paving\’s small modular units are simple to install, allowing quickly completed projects with minimal disruption. Our variety of sizes and ability to cut concrete blocks allow for a high degree of flexibility during installation. This is especially important when laying paving around existing infrastructure such as street signage or furniture. In addition, we can supply many of our commercial block paving products in machine lay format in addition to traditional hand lay products.

Affordable Option

Finally, cabro paving blocks are an affordable option for outdoor paving projects. With prices starting at around KES 50 per block, you can enjoy the benefits of high-quality outdoor paving without breaking the bank.

If you\’re looking for a durable, customizable, and affordable solution for your outdoor paving needs, cabro paving blocks are the perfect choice. So why wait? Start creating your dream outdoor space today with cabro paving blocks!